As per the recent survey conducted online in Brighton by 99Dissertations, 89% of research scholars agreed that the phase of transition from being undergraduate to postgraduate brings many opportunities and challenges in the academic career of the scholar. It has been observed by the research experts during the survey that when an undergraduate picks Masters Research in any university in Brighton, he feels disheartened in the early stages of the programme due to the standard research and writing work required by the research academia. For him, things go
awry when it comes to selecting a research topic, develop a proposal or choosing the research design.

At 99 Dissertations, we encourage the research scholars in Brighton to tackle such roadblocks in their research journey and write their dissertations on time. What all they need is a little support to drive their research on the track with the right choice of research topic, research problem and methodology, how the data is to be collected, analysed and how all these are to be documented in the dissertation. And such research and writing support are provided by our teams specialized in research writing, editing, data analysis and research consultation.

We deliver dissertation help services by reaching the scholars not only in Brighton but across the globe. The salient feature of our dissertation completion services is that we are concerned more with helping the student understand where and why he has stuck and how can he resolve the issues. Emphasis is laid more on the importance of each milestone in the process of dissertation writing. We can help if you are facing any of the following problems demystified by the Masters’ students from various universities in Brighton:

  • Unable to formulate research topic or confused with three or four probable research topics
    Is this your problem too? No worry as our personalized research consultation is a solution. We provide you with the choice of three or four potential research topics to begin your research upon. The scope of research topic and overview shall be included under the service.
  • If your dissertation proposal has been rejected twice or thrice or you cannot differentiate the elements of research proposal
    In either case, our research writing experts help you in fitting the pieces together in your proposal such as aims, objectives, research questions, literature review, timeline, etc. Share your university requirements with us, and we develop a defined outline for your PhD research relevant enough to fetch you an easy approval.
  • Unaware of drawing comparison and contrast between the different research studies and link it to your research scope
    We help you in finding scholarly information without letting the crucial time slip off from your hands. The research experts specialized in your academic discipline suggest 20-25 journal or research papers and guide you on how to read and analyse them critically. Further assistance in writing literature review is provided by our team.
  • Cannot maintain the consistent flow of writing style throughout the dissertation Writing dissertation is different and more complex than writing undergraduate
    assignments. Our subject matter writers are trained for writing dissertations as per the different formats and guidelines followed by the universities in Brighton such as Bellerbys College, Sussex University, Brighton University, etc.

Your specific problem isn’t listed above, is it? Is there anything else daunting you? Let us know if you need more information about our dissertation assistance in Brighton. Please write in to us at